Our Vision

Our vision is simple — providing a platform to resolve the world’s queries.

Economies, organizations and people rely on the Internet. A resilient Internet is important as it aids in economic stability with country’s online presence based upon excellence.

CommunityDNS, through its unique platform, allows countries and organizations to realize excellence in their operational resilience with their DNS by providing a platform that is exceedingly-secure, has extraordinarily vast amounts of capacity and provides for high resilience. Utilizing CommunityDNS provides platform diversity as well as established experience in DNS, DNSSEC, IPv6 and IDNs.

Our Anycast platform is engineered for security, optimized for speed and designed for resilience, CommunityDNS provides a platform for resolving the world’s queries.


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Unrivalled Capacity & Performance.

Custom built software from OS level and DNS resolver application, to out perform and provide customers with the option of platform diversity, operational robustness and reliability. With more than 40 locations worldwide, maintaining synchronisation with up the second accuracy, CDNS is able to handle extremely large zone files (well in excess of 4-5 times the total number of ALL domain names that exist today), and remain operational with very slight degradation in performance response time and throughput.

CDNS's Unrivalled Capacity & Performance.

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